Sunday, 30 August 2009
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Just gotten my copy of Dissidia US version and Hatsune Miku Project Diva.
For Dissida, I'm playing for the story. Lots of things had changed compared to the japanese version.

As for Project Diva, I'm just playing for the time.

Currently no RPGs had interest me..........

Gonna Blazblue soon.

Existing the story...

Sunday, 23 August 2009
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This year's Natsu Matsuri is fun. Get to meet many of my friends whom I rarely have the chance to chill out with now.

The food queue is as long as ever, lucky I got myself a nice bento. Thx Furt.
Later in the festive, the main event - Bon Odori dance, was uber enjoyable.
It has been almost three months since I last danced together with my crew and the feeling is indescribable

Had a mini Blazblue session just now with Xeth, Akatsuki, Broken, XkosmosX and Tohru.
Awesome chill is awesomely chill.

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Monday, 10 August 2009
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Lots of things happened this week.

2 Family wishes
5 SMS wishes
16 SGCafe wishes
46 Gryphon Platoon 4 wishes
3 Outfield wishes

This year's birthday is indeed a memorable one.
Its the first and I hope the only birthday which I had to spend a day in my outfield gears.
Its also that day which I had a chance to chat with Selwyn (he also attended the same outfield as me) whom I thought to have lost contact with.

This week is also the week which I experience my first ever confinement which like the outfield case, hope to be the last.

Yesterday's NDP was something fresh. Take the parade for example, some commands were omitted as the contingents follow the beats of the drums.

Today, I went to Sentosa with Xeth, Akatsuki and Tenma. Needed some breather as since cosfest, I had spent all my book out times at home, mostly due to fever, H1N1 and lack of "hang-out" mates.
Tenma's cooking is awesome and Xeth's Yakult surprise is as refreshing as ever.

POP is drawing near. Cant wait for it.

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Sunday, 2 August 2009
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Raw data - 7 more weeks till Passing Out Parade (POP)
1 week field camp
Last week not counted

Final data - 5 more weeks till POP

Kinda worried and anxious for the field camp.
I was seriously damn stressed out during book out today due to lack of time for me to pack stuffs.
Till the point of near-breaking down.....

Wonder is it self-inflicted as I hate getting punished. Who likes punishment anyway....

Seriously, I want this coming week to pass as quickly as possible even though it used to be a week I looked forward to in the past.

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