Thursday, 27 September 2007
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Another entry means another fun day for me. XD

Yesterday as in really yesterday since now is already 2+am, I had the JCG BBQ at Aloha Loyang and Hare Hare Yukai dance practice.

The BBQ isn't that fun though, it was very ill-planned. The oragnisers put it on a weekday when most of the ploy students are working, having SIP or DRP. Next, they checked in very late, around 7pm and without any food, charcoal and fire-starters. We had to wait until around 8 for the essential stuffs to arrive....
Fire was started at 8.30pm(around there) and started BBQ-ing at 9pm..... Sigh, I just ate a piece of chicken chop without the skin as it was charred badly, foil-grilled fish which was suprisingly good( prepared by my club president...All Hail. No joke, he's really good in cooking, much better then me) and drank 2 cups of juice. This dinner costed me SGD$12, excluding a bowl of ba chor mee(minced meat noodles in dialect) for supper to decrease my hunger bar. T_T

Earlier on, I get a rare chance to enter the Design School's Sound Room where all the recording of music and songs are done. The room housed two sets of recording equipments and two apple desktops.

Me and my tomodachi(friends in japanese) are practising the Hare Hare Yukai concert version dance steps. More like a learning session to me, it was my first time learning it.
Yata!!!! I managed to master the first half of the dance and completed the whole dance routine 4-6 times. I did make some but obvious mistakes though. Mada mada desu....
After Hare Hare Yukai, Lucky Star!!!!! XD

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Friday, 21 September 2007
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Remember I mentioned about blasting BBQ pit. Well here's it.


Dip the charcoal in satay peanut oil, spam all the fire starters and wait. Minior explosions will happen, just to "prepare" you for the big one.

One more thing, please don't try thing at home or on any other pits which you rented.

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Sunday, 16 September 2007
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OK, people, I'm going back to soft relaxing musical pieces.
Presenting Final Fantasy VII
Aerith and Tifa Theme respectively.
I guess everyone had at least heard them before once.
But these songs are worth listening over and over again.
I wonder why, but to me, soft non-vocal music has this soothing effect.

Everytime I listen to this type of music, they make me feel that I'm out in the country, away from the urban restains. If I were to visualise, I would be lying on a hill-side medlow, blossoming with violet lavender. Cool breeze cradling my face, stars-filled evening sky with setting sun, painting the sky with warm orange and pink.

I think it must have been since young, my sister and I would always play disney love songs like "Can you feel the love tonight?" and "Reflections" and musical jazz pieces like "Fly me to the moon" and "Right here waiting", that I've grown to appericiate these type of music.

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Morning people!

Yes, wake up to smell the fresh scent of shampooed hair and shower foam.

I had lots of fun today. Oh, my bad. It was yesterday.
First, I rushed all the way down at 12pm to Jurong East for the annual Waseda Shibuya High School open-house preview. Since it was a preview, the cafe and the bazzar there weren't open, but the rest of the attractions were great.
I just love their Haunted House. It's not like any other local student-made haunted house, where it's just plain walking into the darkness and get frightened while navigating through. Let me summarise the whole gameplay. You readers try to imagine.....

1. 2-3 person allowed per group, not solo.
2. Once inside the total dark "maze", there's a blue/red coloured lamp with a blood stained envelop on a small desk just beside the enterance. The colour of the lamp determine the route taken and the envelop must be dropped into the mailbox inside the "maze".
(My group got the blue one)
3. Proceed on with the lamp as the only source of light. "Ghost" will start to scare the players at random locations.
4. Drop the envelop into mailbox and "just be careful"
5. Enter a "room" with a locked door and a "dead girl" next to it holding the keys very tightly.
6. Open the door and crawl through a tunnel with a "ghost" just beside you in the middle of the tunnel. Exit the tunnel and proceed on(same as step 3).
7. Enter a "surgical room" with a dead body lying on the surgical bed yet the "Zombie(I presume) was massaging what seems to be his intestines.
8. The door exiting the "surgical room" is locked and the key is in the mass of guts. Dig out the key and open the door.
The end of game.....

What really made me like japanese haunted house is that the attraction had RPG infused in it, making it more interesting than normal haunted house done by the locals. The lamp given to us, the players, managed to bring out the feeling of being inside a actual horror survival game like Fatal Frame series. It could have been made better by including a "ghost" that will chase after the group in the rooms with keys in zombie speed and the group have to find the keys before the "ghost" touches you (this idea was taken from Fatal Frame)
Of course there are some humourous part like the gut-massaging zombie. When my group entered the room, the first thing I said was "So, doctors, do you concur that this person is dead" as this scene in "Catch me if you can" just flashed into my mind.

Next, I rushed all the way from the west to the east, downtown east for Theory-G 1st anniversary. I had ate a lot of stuffs there but I still like my toasted mashmallow, sticky and soft to the core. Sadly an incident happened before we started barbequing. Due to some unknown reasons(I arrivied late and the guys were already starting the fire), the pit kind of exploded and some emoing happened.....
After we got ourselves a new pit, things started to get better. Well, as Sel said, beer is a guy's reason and solution for problems. Toast away....
Luckly things didn't get ugly, fun still lingers........ XD

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Thursday, 13 September 2007
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Pause at 1.33 minute

The best parody of Code Geass.
Lelouch, no Lulu is soooo bishi!!!!!! Kawaii ne!!!! Lolita Lulu.
Too bad C.C couldn't join in....

**I'm not gay but Lelouch is actaully quite a bishijo in that lolita dress

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Wednesday, 12 September 2007
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Just checked my results.
As expected my GPA dropped. The stocks took a head first plunge down the cliff, from 3.16 to 3.04.
So by doing simple calculations,

So, technically, my GPA for this semester is 2.8, way below my first year results.

Fundmentals of Pathology - C
Pharmaceutical Unit Operations - B
Communication Skills for Applied Science 3 - C+
Pharmaceutical Legislation and Marketing - C+
Freehand Drawing - C+
Organic Chemistry 2 - Distinction

Guess it's due to my OC2 Z that I could maintain my GPA above 3.


I still got my Z for OC2, knowing that Dr Ong can only give 2 Zs for my batch. XD

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Finally, after 9 months of waiting, it finally came.
BLEACH - Memories of Nobody is on Crunchyroll.
The movie focus on a girl who has shinigami powers, yet she wasn't meant to be alive. The girl is infact a collection of memories of the souls of the dead.
The ending is some what sad yet soothing at the same time.
View it via this link. A must watch even for Non-Bleach fans.

Next is Lucky Star Eps 22.
Near the ending, Konata asked her father what made her late mother fall for him. At the same time, her mother, Kanata's spirit returned to the house for a breif moment.
The scene was filled with warmth instead of the normal mindless humour and it made me felt like I'm not watch Lucky Star.
A must watch for non-otakus..

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Sunday, 9 September 2007
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After so long, I guess its time for some self-reflection and decide my current direction of life. I think this will be the second or the third official entry as for the past few months I had been blogging nothing but events, anime and manga.

To start things off, I'll reflect on the most recent and impactful encounters I had been through in this period of time.
BBoying - Breakdancing
Since some incident that happened in Theory-G way back when, I had been feeling rifts forming between this particular interest. Initialy, I thought the members are drifting apart. Erin "threatened" to leave as Munky's always jealous of him. Erin had cold war with Dudefreak as he was not "commited enough". I cannot blame him, bboying is part of him. I guessed it was because that he entered this "trascendent" stage that he excel in all the moves and stlyes. He want all of us to reach that stage, "it's for our own good"...
Now, more clearer than before, I've realised that the rift was formed between Theory-G and me. Its like I do not feel any sense of belonging with Theory-G, BBoying I would say.
Unlike the whole crew, I admit and never denied that I lack the "drive" or in common terms, enthusiasm. I had never treat bboying as a life, but a source of de-stress.
I had sourced out a bboy website - , and introduced to the crew. Yet I rarely or never visited that site since god knows when. Now, with the crew expanding in numbers and strength, I will just be a burden if I continue to be part of the crew. Guess the only way will be me leaving the crew which I had intended to do so long time ago, even though I was one of the old crew member.

However, it is not like I have given up on dance fully. After trying out so many types of dance, normal mass dance still suit me. I remembered that during secondary 3, I was ill-informed of the practice sessions for "Teachers' Day" performance item by the student council, knowing it only the day before the event. With one day of intensive practise, I managed to pull it off, with Mei Qing as my partner(although it's like years ago, I still like to thank her for her guidance and leadership during my days as a student councillor).
I mean that dances that are choreographed for the sake of dancing are more of my type of tea. Dances created to bring honour, glory, respect and fame to the dancer are not my type. Take the Lucky Star anime opening dance for example, fans out there are trying their best to dance the routine not because they want to be the best Lucky Star dancer, but they just want to have fun. I'm like that, all out for fun. Next week, I'll be tackling the renown Hare Hare Yukai mass dance with my JGC friends.

Next will be my studies. Getting into director's list so that I can get diploma with merits is impossible now, let alone getting into local university. This problem, I will leave it after NS to ponder through. Now, I just need to do my limit and with no regrets.

Lastly, I will end this refelction with the phrases - Cosplay For Life, Haruhiism FTW!!!

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Saturday, 8 September 2007
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Image taken from GSDragon Alchemist's imeem page.

Pizza Hut Support the Rebellion ZERO Against the Holy Empire of Britiannia.
Damn. For once I regerted being a Singaporean. Pizza Hut in Japan are giving free anime merchandises when you order the pizzas online. TwT
And for once I can boldly say I'm an 1/4 a OTAKU!!!!!!

C.C will be waiting at Season 2.

OBEY!!! By my power of Geass. You shall watch Code Geass Season 2.

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Taken from
I want the hemlet a.k.a Zero's Mask
*Hopping around the cosplayer's post.
Winner for the "best" Zero cosplay...JKJKJK.
Comic done by a fellow GE player.
"Emilia has big....." XP

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Friday, 7 September 2007
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All time Fav!! C.C doujinshi XD.
Too much pizzas for her =X

The orginal scan for the vector art which I posted in the pervious entry.

Disclaimer - All arts posted are not done by me(unless stated), mostly taken from minitokyo. Enjoy

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007
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Feeling bored...............................................

Claymore X Lucky Star

Chibi Haruhi

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Monday, 3 September 2007
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*Sweeping Dust
*Removing Cobwebs
*Mopping Floor

After Suzumiya Haruhi-sama, comes Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion.
Great Anime, characters done by my favorite manga-ka group CLAMP.

The main lead, Lelouch, is former prince of the Britiannia Empire. It's year 20XX, The holy empire of Britiannia have previously engaged a diplomatic war with Japan as the latter found a new source of power, Sakuradite, mined under Mt. Fuji. Sakuradite is used to make superconducters, hence, Japan was able to control the world of economics.

For some unknown reasons, the house that Lelouch was staying went under attack by assassins. To make worst, the securities were set to the minimum. His mother died while shielding his sister, Nunnaly from the shots but Nunnaly suffered two fatal gun wounds at both her knee caps.

After the incident, Nunnaly was handicapped and blinded due to emotional trauma. Lelouch went straight to his Father, the King of Britiannia and asked him why didn't he send help.
The king just replied that useless things ought to be gotten rid.
In surge of anger, Lelouch went into exile, with Nunnaly and lived in the school compound of the Ashford family.

Years past, Lelouch grew up to be a genius. He's good with chess and other theories/strategies. One fateful day, he met C.C (pronunced as C2) whom gave him the power of Geass, absolute order. Using this power, he started to wage war against the Great Empire of Britiannia as ZERO, a Mastermind of the Order of the Black Knights.

Lelouch's geass - Absolute order, forces the victim to obey his commands until the last command has been carried out.


C.C is sooo cute, I like her soft spot for pizzas. Pizza Hut is featured throughout this anime XD.
Lelouch, at some angles looked like Kamui from X/1999, earlier work of CLAMP. XP

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