Friday, 29 August 2008
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Its has been a while since I last posted an entry.
Changed the BG to .Hack/G.U

Also I've made a jukebox, instead of those individual songs. Some of the songs are plain soothing while the rest are fast and upbeat type. Some depict sadness while some are the epitome of happiness.

Sigh... Going to start my SIP soon, as in real soon. Going to Lonza Biologics situated in Tuas/Jurong Island, the extreme westside of Singapore.
The daily work duration is 8am to 5pm.
Need to wake up very early, makes me feel like really working.
Well nonetheless, I could use this 5 months as an experience, since most pharmaceutical plants and research labs are in the west.
Luckly the company does has its own transports. The nearest bus-stop is at outram mrt station, just nice along the NEL. XD

Tomorrow there's the Matsuri at Vivo, planning to drop by and dance XD

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008
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Freaking hate today
everything went so wrong....


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Sunday, 10 August 2008
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Coscon'08 made my day in Suntec

Caramelldansen' Broken version made the world goes round XD

Saw many good cosplayers there and made many new friends.
Going to sleep now.....

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008
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To start, I was going to were my neko-jacket to school today but it's kinda stuffy at the back so sorta changed it out to my usual cycle of long sleeves.
It was a pretty normal day, until Yonglin's presentation on his OSIP trip to Beijing. He's one lucky guy, can go to China for his SIP.

Special thanks to Alfred, Fang Ying, Wang Tat and Ya Zhi. I like the new present.
Well, let me guess, this present was bought around the same time when you all went to get present for Candy. Lolz
I still have the Black Saber present in my stash, in Mint condition. Oh and thanks for the card. XD

Just made another batch of panna cotta, now trying to revamp the recipe and make it suitable to my taste. The first batch to me was a little on the sweet side.

THANKS, You all made my day. =)

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Saturday, 2 August 2008
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Just finished my PA SOP report, on monday I just meed to go to TP library and find the modal answer and edit base on it and VOLA.. One report down XD

Today was a normal monthly meeting for JCG. After that we dueled in yugioh for the whole day. Kazu remodified his deck into a warrior deck. Very fast and scary when he draws the right cards. Oh, I also learnt the first 15 or is it 30 seconds of the Yaranaika routine. The routine is fun to learn and my friends in SGCafe called it the "Gay Bar of Japan" LOLzz....

Around the evening, I went to Red Man to get my whipping cream, full cream milk, gelatin and vanilla extract.
In about nine hours later I'm going to try making panna cotta, without the strawberry sauce though as the strawberries in FairPrice is not fresh anymore... T.T

Now, I'm uploading Sousei no Aquarion piano ballad version onto imeem server. I chanced upon this song while scanning Nico Nico Douga, a japanese website similar to youtube but with high quality videos and audios. The song was played by this lady and I really like her arrangement of the song. Its very soothing to the ears and unlike normal piano arrangements, the tempo of this song increases gradually yet it does not affect the ambiance created by the initial slow tempo.

PS - Christ, if you want the song, bring your data bank during drawing session.

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