Tuesday, 27 January 2009
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Just ended my five months of SIP recently, on the 23rd Jan 09.

The last day was so awesome. Got a free lunch, treated by my supervisor, and I get to learn some cool abbreviations which are like OL or ML. XD

When its about time to leave, the six of us (me and five other friends) were like playing the Amazing Race, we rush to each respective managers to return our items such as office stationaries, com accounts and safety equipments. But I was lucky that the safety manager told us that we can keep the safety steel-toe boots, which is awesome. XD

Then came Saturday when I suddenly got my feeling to play Monster Hunter 2nd Generation again. Its so fun to play with friends and even more epic when we make all sorts of funny comments while rushing the boss of the map.

On Sunday, I made a dessert which I saw on TV. Its was wine and raisin ice cream. I soaked the raisins in aged wine (2000) on Friday and used it as a dressing for vanilla ice cream which I rushed to the local mall to buy in the morning.
The wine, being the medium for the raisin, became sweet an the flavour is just heavenly when I tried. XD

On the two CNY days, I was busy serving visitors and MH-ing.. XP

Going to have the ultimate platter from design tomorrow for lunch XD

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Thursday, 15 January 2009
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For once I know I'm a fan of a correct character in Touhou XD

My sis's Koishi, Mum's Reisen and my lucky brother got Suwako

But.... WHO CARES.

Cause Leo has ze AWESOME 4 ladies of Touhou.

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Sunday, 11 January 2009
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Awesome week for me XD

I finally completed my task for the internship.
It has been at least 4 months since I started to work on that task.
When I initialed and signed the documents for the last batch, a feeling of relief surged through me.
Its like "Finally! Its over!"

Also I upgraded my psp memory stick to 8GB XD

Lastly, if my calculations are correct, once I recieved my pay for this last month of internship, I'll have 3k on hand XD
Planning to go and join my CCA senior and a junior for their trip to Japan this coming spring.


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Tuesday, 6 January 2009
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Time to let Alto, Ranka and Sheryl rest for the season.
Changed the BMG to my fav songs from DJMAX
*Or rather the only songs I could play.....

Yar... I suck at rhythm games...

But action/rpg/card games. Now thats a different story.


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Monday, 5 January 2009
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What a "great" start for 2009.....

All I did was just voicing my opinions and BOOM


Christmas eve... people's enjoying the night and counting down to Christmas so that they can get themselves high in the festive mood.
I was one of those who counted down to my sleep hours instead due to the need to wake up early on Christmas.

New Year eve... people's enjoying the night as they counted down to cirno's year so that they can get themselves drunk in the festive mood.
I was one of those who counted down to my anxiousness instead due to the need to wake up early on New Year day.

Now comes Sunday... Having robbed of my holidays and eves, I want but a single day. Nothing more......
Fate isn't that merciful......
The abyssal fatigue has yet again rob me of my day......

Monday was dreaded as it ticked into reality...
Framed me guilty of mass genocide... Using my honesty against me....
Leaving me no corners to retreat and closing in like the tormenting sandstorm of the desert....
Mocking me like a detestable roach.......

In this barren land of death lies a skeleton.... with a blood-stained mane and a claw in its jaw.....

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Thursday, 1 January 2009
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1st post for the New Year 2009.
Happy New Year people..

Looking back at the year 2008.

The weekly JCG drawing sessions
The caking sessions after the drawing sessions
Cosfest08 - Gola Mosca, a successful one.
JCG epic KHR cosplay group for Cosfest08
The grinding dance practises for Broken Caramelldansen debut on Cosfest08
Awesome Yugioh sessions prior to exams and during the exam period
The start of my SIP in Lonza
Got my own handheld console XD
Nico Nico Dance practice sessions
Waseda Shibuya's open house
Natsu Matsuri
The videos we filmed at ECP
The epic BBQs
Performance by Cypher Craze Crew during the "A Shot to Fame" competition hosted by City Harvest
AFA Aniki and May'n concerts
The Kumikyouku dance on EOY
EOY08 - Sanyun
The Tsubasa/CCS/XXXHolic group
Photoshoot with another Major KHR group - Varia lovez
The new year count down
The friends made
The 2K digit in my bank account (no joke, never in my life had I have access to 2K straight, don't have to go through parental permission)

Rawr.. 2008 has been one of the most exciting years throughout my life in poly.
Hope 2009 will be as equally as exciting...
Well maybe it will...
CK. Here. I. COME~!

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