Sunday, 29 June 2008
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Today I felt quite happy and I swear, its the most productive day in my entire month.

I completed my Mosca Mask, the only problem now is that my tubes were like spoiling now. The paint cant seems to grip onto the plastic surface of one tube, another one is like becoming soft and weak at the base. Most probably due to the solvent of the spray paint. Most likely, I'll bring my sand paper tomorrow and sand my spare tubes before spraying.
None the less, I completed my Mosca Maks~! XD

My Mammon is also done, except the coat since the antique sewing machine in my house cant complete the job. Tomorrow, I'll be bring the plushie to school to show them. XP

Just now, I completed my share of research for my BPT and cGMP projects. Rawrs...

Later before I sleep, I plan to modify my Neko jacket, going to add a lightweight chain onto it. Idea taken from the "Devil" jacket in Atsuki. Frankly, it was the one which first tempted me to buy a jacket from Atsuki back then.

Ja Matta =)

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Friday, 27 June 2008
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Still having problems with my mask....... HOW?????

Cosfest is just a week away..... T.T

*Typical whine post due to lack of memory to recall. Ignore it...

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Sunday, 22 June 2008
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Basically, this is a 3D side scrolling game. Imagine maplestory and devil may cry spliced together.

This game resembles Touhou, a popular STG game series as the bosses usually do screen wide AOEs. It also gives off a Final Fantasy feeling as the game has cool cinematic cutscenes and the music pieces highly complement the game play.

On first glance this game may look simple as it's just a hack and slash game but the tricky part is the contols.
This game require alot of control-handling as during the mid-boss or boss fights, your character is practically flying in the air and you have to position yourself near the opponent in order to land a strike. If you're praying that the bosses are stationary, sorry wrong prayer. The bosses are very nimble and are hard to get close to. Some of the bosses even deal you damage when you are too near.

However the easy part of this game is that every time you strike an opponent, light orbs will float around and by double tapping the special button, those orbs will trun into swords and attack the opponent.
This is particularly useful in raking up your combos and landing massive damage on bosses.

The default controls are very confusing and hard to use so I had to change them to:

G - Melee slash
H - Double tap for special
J - Throw daggers
K - Double tap for air jump, tap to recover when hit and have faster movement during that recovery period
T - unknown
Y - unknown
U - unknown
I - unknown
WSAD - standard left-hand direction controls

Here's the link for the game

Enjoy =)

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Having trouble with my mask for Mosca...
Now trying out on 100% cotton cloth. Hope it turns out well.

The emblem which my mum help me make is so-so, not really that nice but can still make it if i buy fabric markers and outline the details.

My mammo also not done yet.... T.T Miscalculated, my aunt went to malaysia and just got back this morning.

Really hope my costume will turn out good, I don't wish for epic win type, just normal passable Gola Mosca and not a epic fail aka Cosfuck type.

School starting in 11 hours time, can't wait to surprise my classmates with my Neko jacket. XP

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Thursday, 19 June 2008
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Started my day with a blasted insomnia, have to wake up early somemore. So, I was practically stoning my way from Hougang to Bugis in bus 80.

But the good thing was that yesterday, I bought a Neko jacket from Akatsuki for $55, nearly half the orginal price of $99. Sigh, if Singapore isn't a niche market for such apperal, they wouldn't have cost so much.
Ironically, that jacket was initially designed for small-built people, so I had to modify it into a vest.
Back to point, when I was in Bus 80, I think the passengers on the upper deck were like staring at me due to my little neko on my back. Well, who cares. Cosplay thickens your skin. =)

Reason of going to Bugis was simple. I finally got my "maiden voyage" to a KTV lounge with my friends. Yes people, I'm not lying, it was my first entry into a KTV lounge. *came from backwater island of Hougang.

We were like insane howlers there, almost all of us went off tune/key/note while singing. (cough** some even purposly go off)
One thing I realised is that when you sing in KTV, going off-tune/key/note is common. LOLZZ
Oh, we even spammed the "smoke" effect while in the room.
Sad, the lounge did not have songs by BLUE, 183 Club, etc. They have common and "in" duets and singles though.
Me want "you make me wanna"

So to curb that, I'm gonna change to song XD

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Tuesday, 17 June 2008
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Yesterday, I was high on durians and Gay-Bar XD

It started out a little negative as Wayne was uber-late as we were suppose to reach school early to do props. Luckly Dempster was there for a chat to kill time, and had lunch with Hafiz, my manga sensei. So I wasn't that pissed off either. I completed the basic for my Varia emblem so now is cutting out the shape and sewing on the cloth.

Wayne redeemed himself by treating moi durians, which Ping Ping went to buy.. XD
So I was like high on Gay Bar, and when I opened the door leading out if the fire-exit lift, I saw Broken and was o.0.
What is that guy doing there, he has yet to graduate from secondary school??
But who cares... So in the end, me, broken and gerchi were like gay baring the whole night.

Lastly, to end it was a celebration for Froggy's birthday. Hafiz(JCG, Froggy's bf) was like acting oblivious about it. He plans to give a surprise to Froggy but it kinda backfired.
In the end, the problem was solved and everyone was happy.

Oh before I forget, the last night's bread at Cafe Cartel was awesome. It's so warm that the butter just melts and glitters. The previous time were like cold bread with hard butter.
JCG go Cartel for cakes, I go Cartel for BREAD. XD
BREAD for the WIN~!

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Friday, 13 June 2008
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These few days were very busy for me.

One is that I have to rush my cosplay props and I'm seriously paranoid now as I feel that I can't make them in time for Cosfest, or that they would turn out FUgly..... T_T

Secondly is the training for my caramelldansen routine. I pretty much know the whole routine by heart, making minor mistakes at most. Also I managed to learn the Danjyo routine, done by this Phantom guy in Nico Nico, from Shogun. Lastly is the infamous GayBar dance. =) It is epic win XD. Lots of hip movement, much like Caramelldansen and Danjyo.

Lastly is my drawing, I did a copy practice of Yuyuko and it turned out fugly... Need to practise more.

Alot of internal issues going on within JCG and suddenly I feel that it wasn't as fun as it used to be when I was the one and only SaiKang General under my one and only SaiKang Warlord.

Oh before I forgot, admist the complains I've typed, there are some fun parts. Like, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy my day in Cosfest due to the fun I have with my dance group, like I got a new Touhou game - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, another upgraded and complex version of Immaterial & Missing Powers, and I "zheng"-ed my Legendry Ocean deck by splicing with imba gay frogs.

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Sunday, 8 June 2008
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Woots Claymore chapter 80 is out. Raki is soo bloody strong. He managed to kill a youma when no human had done so... Makes people wonder has he became 1/2 youma like the normal claymores or 1/2 awaken like clare and the remaining 6 warriors of the North Battle.

Also I managend to download another doujin game, Big Bang Beat - 1st Impression.
The game rocks... The engine is good, moves are fluid and smooth while the combos are insane but hard to execute out.
This game is a 2D platform fighting game but with extended match sequence. There are 3 tokens below the player's health & energy bars. These act as winning tokens so instead of the normal fight and win rounds, the round ends when the player collect a total of six tokens. Each loss will forfiet 1 token to the opponent so the player must win three consecutive duels.
Here's the hard part, there will be no health restore unless the player loses that duel and forfeit one token to the opponent.

Oh and I found this sometime ago while search for caramelldansen.


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Saturday, 7 June 2008
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Last post was on 11 may.
Pardon me for not updating for a very long time. My school work and projects are very tight and very stressful...

The orientation for JCG was fun and for one thing, I realised that I like doing brainless SaiKang. It was very tiring but fun, getting to meet all the new and enthu members.

Following that was the streetfest at suntec in late may. Again it was epic win. My caramelldansen group did 6 dances back to back. XD

Pure Caramell
Hare Hare Yukai
Nyan Nyan
Gay Bar
Caramelldansen~Broken version

It rocks XD!!!!

The Ikebana event was good, the flower arrangements are way better than last year and I bought a plum wine from the clubstore at the Japanese Association of Singapore. Then, I've gotton an insider info on Natsu Matsuri, it will be held on the 23 of August. Can't wait for it. XD

I was particularly happy about me being kiasu and studied for my friday term test paper on tuesday, thats 3 days before the paper. Due to the fact that me, Eric and PJ went to bugged our lecturer about a question on calculation. The 3 of us were spotting that question to come out as it involves alot of steps and it is one of the possible 3 calculation question that could come out. Ture enough, it can out and the weightage of the question is 10 marks while the paper is 50 marks total. That's a hefty 20% of the whole paper. Me ish epic win XD.

Finally a breather.... but no... one of my term test got pushed to next tuesday.... SIANZZZ
Then again, who cares, its just 3CU, and most of the info are already imprinted into my head as I was part of the two-man presentation team... so EASY COME EASY GO. =)

Throughout all these time, I've actually got alot of pictures taken in my handphone, but cant seems to link them to my comp via bluetooth... System error I think..
Will try and think of a way to bring those pics into the comp...

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