Sunday, 28 June 2009
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Lots of things happened this week while I was away from the internet.
Stuffs like epic TCSS sessions I had with my bunkmates, it was so fun that I swear I'll slim down with that amount of laughter everyday.

Yesterday was the SHINE MASCOT PARADE at Ngee Ann city.
Took the chance to meet up with some cosplayers whom I know.
Most of the reaction are the same like "OMG you look darker.." LOL ><
The scene filled with costumes and props felt really nostalgia.
The rocking beats of the band performances, the familiar tunes, the soothing melodies.....

Next weekend is TGX'09 and the weekend after is Cosfest.
Really hope that nothing screws up for the next two weeks.....

Every weekend felt so busy, so packed now.
Like - my schedule for next sat is collect my grad photos, buy my PS3 and my Blazblue game, visit TGX. Sunday is for rushing anime and manga before I book in.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009
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My first book-out on Friday evening. Kinda felt a little strange as I was wearing my military uniform and walking home.

Recalling the past 2 weeks in Tekong, I had really experience a lot of new things and more certainly, a change in my lifestyle.

I was a clean freak, and I'm still one. Perfect example would be that as long as I'm stinking and/or sweaty, I'll never rest on my bed. But now in the bunks, heck care.... Powdered bath then sleep cause rest is more important than having a dirt-free skin.
Another would be that now, I actually have the will to wake up early for morning jog.. lol...
No longer a NEET at home.

The training sessions are really fun, with all the cool and goofy instructors/ specialists. But the regimentation is another story.

Some of the memorial events during these 2 weeks were the "waifu" presentation ceremony, the epic TCSS sessions with my Platoon Sergent and Sergents, the technical tests and the movie screenings (We are Soldiers and Saving Private Ryan)

Sigh... 2 weeks of no interactions with the acrade made my Rachel's combo rusty.... But I still managed to reach stage 8 using the first part of the BnB combo.
*Off to rush my anime.

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Friday, 5 June 2009
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In just a few hours time I shall start a new chapter of my life.
Most probably a life changing one, especially in terms of lifestyle and time management.

Gonna learn lots of new things and forgetting lots of old stuffs. Like much seniors said, this two years is enough to reformat half of my cranium and bad sector the other half.

Two years.... Will time flies fast or will it just float lazily pass my hectic/systematic life.
On the bright side, I finally have enough money to invest in a home console system.
Kinda psycho-ed my sis to sponsor half of the cost of the console unit, thanks to Final Fantasy XIII series.
Soon, I need not buy tokens from the arcade to train my Blazblue.
All I need is just 1 ps3, Blazblue game, 2 joy-pads and a HD-TV.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009
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Found an awesome game that is worthy of my time in the arcade - Blazblue.

Though the game is like out for a long time, its only 3 days ago that I started to have the feel of playing it.
Currently I'm training Rachel Alucard, a vampire.

Since the game is by arcsystem, the creators of Guilty Gear (GG) and Arcana Hearts, one might thing that Rachel is the spiritual successor of Slayer from GG.
However, after having observed my forum friends playing the game and a couple of credits wasted on finding a noob combo, Rachel isn't a heavy/fast hitter.
Instead, she resembles "The Emperor" from Dissidia: Final Fantasy in a way where both utilise traps to keep the opponent under pressure and help as combo links or set up for combo.

So after 3 days and 8 credits, I can safely say that my current level is arcade stage 5, with stage 10 being the final boss and I managed to pull off the first part of a series of BnB combo.
Here's the video for easier explaination

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009
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Day 8 - 30 April

Woke up very early that day to prepare for departure. My breakfast was....

*****My feet/knee isn't there for show. Look at the size.....

On the 29th then we kinda remembered that Sanae-chan brought us some awesome desserts. Ate one of it as part of breakfast.

So when everything was ready, we set off for the train station and to the airport, via the NEX train.

Some farm view I saw while on the NEX train.

Bad things always happen. I dropped the all important train tickets and we sort of pleaded our way out of the train station in Narita airport. ><

View of Narita departure hall and an awesome custard cream pancake

*Rushed entry. But none the less that's the main gist.

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Day 7 - 29 April

The programme of the day was to visit Nakano, also known as Akiba of the west according to Ivan. While waiting for Sanae-chan and Ivan Oji-san, we saw this pair. =)
Normally I'm not the type who cares about animals. But I made it an exception that time.

Boarded a bus from Ikebukuro to Nakano, and found this unusual contraption. Guess what it is?

It's a drink holder. Some thing not common here in Singapore.

Being the last day in Japan for touring, Ivan decided to go K and his uncle treated us 2 hours of K-time.

Sang some familiar songs like Butterfly (Digimon opening), 1000 words, Season in the sun, A whole new world, Chain (air gear opening), Sousei no Aquarion and of course Satsugai XP

So after K-ing, we headed off to Nakano Broadway to shop.

Found awesome touhou dollfies and a big Sukia plushie on display but not on sale.

Although Ivan said that Nakano is the Akiba of the west, I kinda feel that the selection there isn't as what I expected. To me, I feel that Nakano is like a second-hand store which deals with mass purchase and re-selling, given the fact that Mandarake's headquarters is there.
Mandarake is a special type of store in Japan as they buy unwanted anime/manga/character goods/etc from the locals there and re-sell them as part of their stock.
Thus, some of the stuffs I wanted isn't there.
However, I still managed to find some useful items to buy there.
Unsatisfied by the stock in Nakano, I kinda psycho-ed the group to follow me back to Ikebukuro for a final shopping spree in Otome Road. There I found out that one of the shop there sells touhou cosplay at extremely low price and the detailing is flawless.
After the spree, we head around for dinner and had chinese cooked food. Not bad, and Oji-san treated me with Kirin Beer. XD

When Ivan and I parted with Sanae-chan and Oji-san in the station, I felt that without them as our guide around certian places, the trip wouldn't had been as fun as it is. One could even say that I'm truly owe them a big favour.

That night, I retired early after packing my luggage, knowing that I have to wake up early the next day to prepare for departure back to Singapore.

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