Sunday, 30 March 2008
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Very tired today... I was roughly woken up today at 4am.. -.-
Reason, it's Qing Ming festive so I'll have to follow my family to Chua Chu Kang to give offerings to my late father.
Got home at 9am, after a quick shower, I recharged my batteries for 2 hours before having lunch and changing into outing clothes as I previously had an appointment with Wayne at Pan-In-A-Box, Chinatown Point.
While killing time in the store, we discussed about our varia cosplay, the materials needed, whether to tailor our costume through the shop's tailor, etc...

So after the whole discussion, I dragged my sleepy body to Chinatown Square Centre for the weekend bazzar and got myself a Nagato gashapon figurine. Its the "Alice-in-wonderland" version and the price is only $5. XD
Ok, it will not take too long nor do you need to be very smart to know that I'm a sucker for Nagato Yuki. As for the figurine, I'll post the pics someday soon.

Oh, news to all, Suzumiya Haruhi season 2 will be out anytime soon in April. Yatta~!
More Yuki zai-ness, ya-le-ya-le from Kyon and madness from Haruhi... XD

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Friday, 28 March 2008
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The past few days had definitely placed a series of terrible stress on my stomach.

On wednesday, Wei Lee, Lucas, Wayne, Ping Ping, Oli, Furd (sry for spelling error XP) and me went to Sakae Sushi in CS for our Lun-ner buffet. Since we were shown to a 6-seater near the start of the sushi belt, we totally spam the sushi like there's no tomorrow. I ate a total of 17 plates not including the final two plates of watermelon and mochi ice-cream. XD
But..But..But... That was my limit, and the the joker Wayne over-ordered that he cant finish half a corokke, one salmon sushi and one unagi sushi. Tsk..Tsk.. *No offence XP

Just when I though my stomach can rest. The next day, thursday, Lucas, An Zhen, Wei Lee, Furd and Oli's friend went to Oli's house for a day of mahjong session. For lunch, we ate the minced pork noodles what was featured in Channel U. The noodles are hand-made, and the noodles are soup-based. The chef even added fried, finely-chopped garlic into the soup, giving it the distinct taste. Zai! Michelle and Jeanette joined us after lunch.
The mahjong session was draining but fun. I learnt a lot of tactics and rules during the session, thanks to Oli's parents. However, to my foley, I can get a 5 tai Pong-Pong Hu but I didnt know and threw away one of my triples. T.T
Oli!!! Playing mahjong with your mother is alright. With your father being the player before me is STRESSFUL!! >.<
We had Botak Jones for dinner and the fish and chips are great. Worth the $6.50.
Oh, not to mention that I bought two cds from cash converters for $2 each, namely Moment by SPEED and Ark by L'Arc~en~Ciel.

Today or rather yesterday, my mum and sis dragged me to AMK hub to change my mobile plan. Plan... not phone... I maybe changing my mobile number to the newly aquired one in the new future. We ate in this Hong Kong styled cafe near New York New York for dinner. The french toast is nice. Thick yet soft in the inside and crispy outside. On the other hand, the baked rice with beef is a joke. Its just black peppered stir-fry beef with onions, green and red peppers, topped with mozzarelle cheeze. Ok, maybe I can overlook since its Hong Kong styled and the beef is tender and chewy, not hard like those well-done beef steak.

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Monday, 24 March 2008
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Found these images while killing time in CR. XD

Sakura and her sakura cards

I spy my little eye on The Windy, The Wood, The Fiery, The Watery, The Jump, The Freeze, The Float, The Fly, The Power, The Sweet, The Dash, The Fight, The Sleep, The Rain, The Change (on top of The Rain), The Flower (dancing with Kero-chan), The Little, The Move and The Thunder. XD

The best Cap and Vice-cap combo


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Saturday, 22 March 2008
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These few days had been tiring for me as I had to drag myself out of bed near noontime, bathe, rush my brea-unch before going to Expo for my mascot job. Made some new friends there but didnt get to swap numbers.

While browsing the web for new GE fan submission, I chanced upon a fan-parody ad of Mocca. XD
Selling my house - GE style, by Kelvinator.

The following two pics are my current favorite anime - Clannad.

Lucky star X Clannad and official art (I think) of Tomoya, Nagisa and their daughter Ushio

Also, like the mocca ad parody case, I also chanced upon these two gem art pieces. The fans of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu took the iniative to create a fan-made SHnY series based on Gender switching.
Introducing Kyon, ops I mean Kyonko. She's darn moe!!!

And Nagato Yuuki, suai XD

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Thursday, 20 March 2008
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Found another ZAI game XD

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou
Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou

Both games are identical as the later is the sequal of the first one.
Its a 2v2 tag game where characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu battle each other in cute chibi form XD. Much like the PS2 game "under the skin", characters get to pick up weapons and power-up on the map. Each character has their own combos and specials. Furthermore, there's this rainbow ball power-up that allow the character to transform into their alternate costume, aka cosplay ball. At that point of time, though the cosplay is of limited time, the special also change. So it's like 1 character having 4 specials (50% and 100% SOS bar for the normal one , another 2 type for the cosplay one.)
Oh, one thing I know is that when playing at normal mode, MUST BLOCK LIKE SIAO. XP
The sad thing is that I have yet to fully know the controls and combo inputs so currently, I getting trashed by the Com. T.T
Here's a blogger who made a vid of the game and also provide more explaination in the game itself.

Go ahead, download it and have fun XD

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Wednesday, 19 March 2008
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Haha double post for the day. XD

Since I'm doing Gola Mosca for Cosfest this year, must fanboy KHR a bit XP

Hitman Reborn! X Caramelldansen

Mukuro X Code Geass

Hitman Reborn X Lucky star

Hitman Reborn X Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Oh, Ive fixed the song area, the buttons should be visible now XD. Happy viewing

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This vid really made my day. XD

Naruto in morden time school.
Enjoy. XD

*Remember to close this window before playing the vid since my BGM's play button is being blocked by the post itself. Gomen Gomen.... (=^^=)

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
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A lot of things had happened over the weekend.

First up, Congratz to Team Cypher Craze in representing TP and got 4th in the FUYO-Interschool BBoy competition.
The competition was held in SMU on the Saturday night where 16 teams battle it out for the prize money and the honour. It's very intense and the mood was like in a club except minus the drinks and clubbing music, add break beats, DJs and breakdance. Set in knockout format, each team will battle each other, 6 sets of moves each and the winner will advance. The most memorial moves that night was Cypher Craze's team routine, Aaron's cricket with a twist, Erin's chair swipe and one BBoy from Random Rockers who did flair and hang in a flag manner.

Nothing beats the grand finale of the night when the event sponsor Michelle was proposed by her BF. Such drama is rarely seen in public, let alone be the witness of the proposal. Bless the couple for eternity. XD

On sunday, I follow my ex-crew to AMK to have a celebration at BotakJones. They serve amercian style food of american portions. Worth of money. The portions are so huge and they really dropped the bomb when the waitress told us that "due to food wastage, we decided to decrease the amount of fries give" yet the fries on our plates are like mountains.

After lunch at BotakJones, I rushed down to Vivo to meet Chris, Ping, Wayne for dinner at the Kopitam there and also to watch the cosplay event there. Being a minor event, most of the cosplay there are repeats except for the Team Fortress 2 and the Pokemon Adventure cosplays.
Then came Wei Lee, shortly after Finoa. After the event, Fiona went with her friends and we went item hunting for our cosfest costumes in Diaso, and other shops such as the DIY store.

No pics taken XP

Oh lastly I changed the blogskin as the Dango Family kicked me out T.T

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Saturday, 15 March 2008
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Friday, 14 March 2008
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Just came back from watching Evangelion: 1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE movie. The show is definitely worth the money and it totally lived up to its name Rebuild of Evangelion. The story is still the epic 1995 story but there are a lot of scenes which are re-animated such as the heavy usage of CG graphics and stuffs. Furthermore this is just the first installment of a four part movie series.

Sadly, some minor problems I encountered are that initally I booked my ticket through my friend as he had ordered too much. However due to some mishandling, the whole order was canceled. T.T So I've got no choice but book online which incurred an additional of $5 as I can't get the student rate discount.

But, I still got a poster myself, thanks to Chia Fong. She gave me hers. Honto ni Arigatou Gozaimasu. I'm not sure does she want the special discount for the limited ed. DVD when it's release. If she doesn't want, I'll use it to buy the DVD box. XD This kind of shows must keep. XP
Below is the pic of the poster.

Also, like all anime, there will be preview on the next coming episode. After the credits, the audience heard the seiyuus spoke for like one or half a pronunciation and the preview was cut off. WHY!!!!!!!!!
The whole theater was like cursing with Wa lao, Booooouu, Ooooooeee & F**K Y**.
Ok it was not that extreme but seriously, the preview was.... Arggggg!

Overall, this movie still rocks, even to non-evangelion fans like me. XD

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These are the 2 snapshots that I took during my last PIA practical this semester.
They are the Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophotometry (AAS) machine. The blue flame is when there is no smaple injected while the suppose-to-look-orange flame is when there is sample injected and atomised in the flame.
Yes, there are very very very out-dated... XD

The shot below is the time when I worked for Wyeth as mascot in Meritus Mandarin Hotel, there was a Coca-Cola ZERO sampling done along the Orchard Belt. Free bottles are given to the customer crowd there, thus I got one myself XP.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008
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I've just watched Gundam 00 episode 22. Trans-Am system rocks. The creator of Celestial Being gave all the 4 orginal, namely Exia, Dynames, Kyrois and Virtue/Nadleeh, the ability to use 100% of their GN Drives, which is the godly Trans-Am system. Imagine gundams doing Bleach's shinpo(Quick/Flash steps). Uber COOLNESS~!

I also rushed Rosario+Vampire manga to the latest chapter. The storyline is above average, I guess its selling point would be the youkai girls. Being a harem/shonen, the male lead is still the typical CMI type until something happened and he obtained strong power while struggling to control it. The latter fact resembles much like Ichigo from Bleach.

Oh, not to mentioned I also completed the Clannad movie. The story follows the normal or sad ending of the graphic novel game.

*You may choose to scroll down real fast to the next paragraph to avoid spoilage
Spoliers start=====

Tomoya and Nagisa got married and had a baby named Ushio. Sadly Nagisa's body is weak to start out and could not handle the stress of childbrith. Thus drew her last breath shortly after Ushio's birth. Tomoya went into depression while the rest of his friends or anyone he know tried their best to bring him back to his old self.
Spoliers end====

Here's the link to the movie
Like all Key's works, they never fail to make me shed a tear or two. I guess I'm now a fan of Key and their top quality games, graphic novels, animes, movies alike.
Santa~! I know it's still early, but I want a Key game for christmas. Ero-game or not who cares. The storylines weaved by Key are the best.

Lastly, I go back my sem results. This is the most unexpected results I've ever got.
For PMic and BPharm, I thought I would get C+, instead I got B. Retail, I maintained at B also.
For PIA, I got B when I thought I would get a B+. The most shocking one is IPT, I'm expecting to get at least a B+ but I got C+....WTH!!! It totally caught me off-guard.
The only expected thing from this unexpected results is that I know my GPA will fall. Luckly it's not as severe as last sem, only a 0.04 drop from 3.04 to 3...

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Tuesday, 11 March 2008
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Tadaii ma~!
It means "I'm home" in japanese.

The Air background is getting old, so I changed it into the Dango Family. XD
Both animes are from Key, though I'm not sure are both titles ero or not, I would still try to get them in the future. Clannad is Teh best anime currently.
Tomoya X Nagisa For The Win~!

Two days ago, I went to Meritus Mandarin Hotel for my mascot job. Guess what, it's Wyeth again. Meaning I would be using that smelly old mousing-looking bear with wings to play with kids. Although there are about seven kids there, the job is actually very tiring. No more aimless wandering, instead I have to play with kids and that suit is stuffy. The pay on the other hand is juicy. $60/hour, what more can I ask for.

Something freaky happened yesterday (5 hours ago). During my JCG "caking" at tampines Cafe Cartel, Terria(not sure is it spelled this way) brought her sisters along and one of them totally freaked me out. T.T
Its like she keeps pulling and meddling with my "tail" and it became so extreme that she actually attempted to cut it....... *Shivers
That really creeped me out... * I can almost hear you people lmao(Laughing My A%% Off) Be in my shoes and you will know how it feels like. sfx-puff

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