Friday, 29 February 2008
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Just finished my last paper this morning. XD

Holidays' here. Then again, I'll confirm complain about the vacations being super boring since I only have 4 days of mascot to do, occassionally going out to source for my cosplay materials, making them...

Other than these I'll spend the rest of the days slacking and grinding in MMO, which I may become bored of... Oh, not to mention about the weekly drawing sessions.

Sigh.... Can't life be a little more exciting?

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Sunday, 24 February 2008
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3 more papers to go. Yes-ar~!

For the past two days, I've been grinding in Holic not for my main character's level, rather it's for my pet eagle.
There's an event from friday 22 feb to 12 march, the admins are giving each player a new pet, Twilight Eagle. Players can keep them if by 12 march, the eagles' level are at least 30. Furthermore, it my eagle's level is at least 35, it will be upgraded into Solar Eagle and I get to keep it. XD

Just two days into the event, my Twilight Eagle is level 26. 9 more levels to go..XP

Haven't study much on BPharm. XO

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008
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A quick blogging before I rush my PIA, it's open-book term test but still must study.

Time really flies, at one point, I was just a nerdy student, freshly graduated from HIHS. Now, two years had gone by, and I've shed that nerdiness. It's like erm... going to be the end of my year 2 sem 2 in TP. My friends from HIHS, most of them are either waiting for their A level results or in NS.

*Oh, here I go again, having sentimental feeling. Hey, I am a guy, eternally trapped in my past.
OK, change of topic....

I realised that for my character in Holic, it's actually 1 character with 5 jobs and can alternate between 2 chosen jobs at a time. Also, by pushing a hotkey, I can revert my character into the non-battle stance. XD
Now, my character is a level 22 monk, level 21 rouge, level 20 mage, level 16 warrior and level 1 priest. I'll train priest last as I aim to get my warrior to level 20, store the equips of warrior and mage in my storage character. I will concentrate on monk, rouge and priest since monk got a auto-regen skill which allow me to grind without resting, the attack speed of my rouge is so fast that I usually OHK the mobs. As for priest, the healing and buffing factors can let me grind with out much rest.

Do I still like GE? Yes, I'm still into GE but not too much of playing it. The usage of cash-shop premium items kind of push me away from the game. I would still lurk around the forums to chat about PVP tactics.
Like DOTA, I sometimes get bored over constant killing and death, and the irritating provoke flames that online players would throw at each other. It kind of ruin the fun when people go around, KS-ing and "shouting" noob-shit.... But I would still update myself on the new heros and items.

That's why I'm a MMORPG-addict. Other people job-hop/ doctor-hop. For me, I beta test-hop. XP

Aldios peeps, I'm off to rush PIA

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Sunday, 10 February 2008
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A bit late but

Happy Chinese New Year. XD

I've been busy these few days, all the spring cleaning, visitings, gaming, eating, drinking.
*Alas, the reasons why I never slim down. Hack care! XP

This year is the highly-hoped 5 days new year holidays. This type of arrangement only come once in a decade I presume, as the last time it came was during my lower primary school days.

Looking at the calendar, starting tomorrow, I only have a week to prepare for my IPT and PIA term tests, two weeks for my main exam comprising of PMIC, BPHARM & RETAIL. Darn. My projects ain't going well either, except for retail project......
If this go on, I may need to take MAOIs should I develop clinical depression.... LOL joking.

Mabinogi dropped me out of the close beta testing T.T
So, now I switched to playing Holic Online. It's like a fuse of Fiesta graphics and RO2 job switching. I now have a level 14 rouge/ level 9 monk, a level 1 mage/preist-to-be and a level 1 warrior/monk-to-be.
The gameplay is nice, I like the idea of switching between two chosen jobs, save me the time to recreate new characters. The only two things I don't like about the game is that firstly, like MapleStory, items in the storage cannot be shared amoung characters. I have to borrow my sister's email account to make a new "middle-man" to facilitate transections of items between each of my characters. Secondly, when the characters unsheath their weapons, their facial expression change to the ready-to-fight type. Good in a way, more realistic but that expression will never change back to the normal type. It spoils and totally wasted the time I took to create the characters' outer appearences at the start of the game.

Overall, this game is worth the try and it is interesting to see a rouge using rapier. XP

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