Monday, 28 April 2008
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Life's busy... So busy... Its busy for me....

Yes, life is beautiful yet very busy. If not I wouldn't be blogging as such a late hour.
Got alot to do within so little time... cGMP sounds very tough... 100% PBL...
The bazzar ain't going well either...
The job of a QM is hard....

On the other hand, today Terris baked some rock cookies that is uber hard and it killed my jaws. Even till now, my jaw muscles are aching from the intense stress when chewing the cookie. He used wholemeal flour which he didn't know is salty. So he added half a teaspoon of salt... Salt and chocolate doesn't complement each other.

All these talk on food made me want to learn how to make panna cotta.

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Monday, 21 April 2008
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First day of school wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be... T.T

Though I started this new sem by watching Code Geass R2 eps 3 in the comp lab, throubles kept coming in afterwards.
I forgot to meet Kubo-sensei to get the banner sticker which I ultimately got it after my lecture at 3pm.
Secondly, my elective is DPP, rumored to be a killer subject as its a fusion of BPharm and IPT, both which I pass but with lousy grades. So now I wonder will I make a comeback in that subject.
Thirdly, having DPP now made my timetable super beautiful, friday no school, monday and wednesday end at 3pm, tues end at 2pm while thursday end at 4pm. Should I sacrifice such a nice arrangement for a better grade??
Fourth, would be that the presumely easy elective, BPT is 60% theory and 40% calculation. If i aced in the theory, at best I can only get a B as the other 40% will sunder my marks away.
Fifth, if I change to BPT, would I still be able to get a SIP with Wyeth HR (Human Resource) sector???
Lastly, my STM had gotten better of me. I've been forgetting to do important things like sending some template for proposal, booking of locations, etc.

Troubles of being old... Thrid-years....

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Sunday, 20 April 2008
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For those who don't know or have yet to hear about Touhou, there's a screenshot of the game.
Yes the patterns are beatuiful but deadly.

Here's a pic of clefa and clefa-tan. XP

Allen Turned EVIL......

Here's one of my fav pairings.

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Friday, 18 April 2008
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Very full, just had a teabreak from 3-6pm at some 4.5 star hotel near Orchard Belt. Its the same as Sakae Sushi's buffet but this time its with high-tea food like cakes, pastries, cookies. My friend had a complementry buffet voucher so we went ahead to have our lun-ner there. XD
The panna cotta is awesome. =P

But now, i feel sick on the stomach... had too much food.
Tonight have to turn in early as tomorrow, I'll be attending the prerelease of the new MTG booster set, ShadowMoor.

Holidays ending really soon. Only left with 2 more days. T.T
But thanks to ReinHartX, Broken and TimCammpy from SGCafe, I'm currently hooked onto playing Touhou. Its this classic series of doujin games which is like those airplane games but with insane bullet patterns and soon the whole screen is filled ith those bullets. You will have to manuver the character in between those bullets and I swear it's never a child's play when its Touhou.
The verses version of this series is also cool. XD

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008
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Sigh... Holidays ending soon...

I remembered my holidays started with grinding at HOLIC online. Though now I'm taking a break from the heavy grinding of MMORPGs, someday when I feel the calling I would go back to playing MMORPGs. XD

Then from the second or third week, the was a sudden surge of playing yugioh during the weekly drawing session. Talk about drawing... XP

Oh and recently I joined this Caramelldansen group for cosfest and attended the practices. It was fun and I swear, if I'm thickskinned enough, doing the routine 3 times a week can actually slim my fats away...

Actually I wanted to post the epic picture of AZ but its too blur and no impact... Ping!! Send me the photoshopped version!!!

New animes for this holiday season, staring my fav Code Geass R2. Lelouch finally regained his memories and geass!!! Pizza Hut supports the rebellion against the Holy Empire of Britianna...

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008
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Today's fun XD
I attended a caramelldansen dance session in My Playground, suntec, held by my fellow forumers from Sgcafe.

The overall choreo was cooked up by Broken and Shogun (I think) while the rest of us "learn" from them. Met new people and made new friends. Oh, they even came-up with the steps for the "Dan-cho" song.

The dance routine is easy, just that the finer details need to be taken note of, like during the chorus, must be less stiff and more "epic"

Planning the change the backgraound songs to Caramelldansen and Dan-cho.

*edit - I change to esnips as immem failed me this time round.

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Friday, 4 April 2008
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Since its april now, Spring's here and this's the season for sakura. XD
Although I have yet to actualise my wish of a sakura viewing trip in japan, I'm still going to go on with this sakura craze here.

There're 11 songs with sakura as their names being played here. XD Enjoy..

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Thursday, 3 April 2008
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Rights, it official. I'm having otitis externa.
The medications given include a ear drop which I will have to keep my head tilted towards the left for whole 15mins...... Now my neck is aching from it...

Then hotmail failed me but not allowing me to attach files to email....
I cant send my email to Mr Lee, sales manager of Pan-in-a-box...

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008
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Sigh... this few days are terrible... My acne has taken the worst turn possible. There's a nodule or rather pimple in common term growing in my ear. *note - pimples are acne.
Every morning, the pus kept oozing out, and my ear feels sore, swollen and sticky..... I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow first thing in the morning.

Orangey morning sky at Chua Chu Kang

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