Sunday, 16 September 2007
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Morning people!

Yes, wake up to smell the fresh scent of shampooed hair and shower foam.

I had lots of fun today. Oh, my bad. It was yesterday.
First, I rushed all the way down at 12pm to Jurong East for the annual Waseda Shibuya High School open-house preview. Since it was a preview, the cafe and the bazzar there weren't open, but the rest of the attractions were great.
I just love their Haunted House. It's not like any other local student-made haunted house, where it's just plain walking into the darkness and get frightened while navigating through. Let me summarise the whole gameplay. You readers try to imagine.....

1. 2-3 person allowed per group, not solo.
2. Once inside the total dark "maze", there's a blue/red coloured lamp with a blood stained envelop on a small desk just beside the enterance. The colour of the lamp determine the route taken and the envelop must be dropped into the mailbox inside the "maze".
(My group got the blue one)
3. Proceed on with the lamp as the only source of light. "Ghost" will start to scare the players at random locations.
4. Drop the envelop into mailbox and "just be careful"
5. Enter a "room" with a locked door and a "dead girl" next to it holding the keys very tightly.
6. Open the door and crawl through a tunnel with a "ghost" just beside you in the middle of the tunnel. Exit the tunnel and proceed on(same as step 3).
7. Enter a "surgical room" with a dead body lying on the surgical bed yet the "Zombie(I presume) was massaging what seems to be his intestines.
8. The door exiting the "surgical room" is locked and the key is in the mass of guts. Dig out the key and open the door.
The end of game.....

What really made me like japanese haunted house is that the attraction had RPG infused in it, making it more interesting than normal haunted house done by the locals. The lamp given to us, the players, managed to bring out the feeling of being inside a actual horror survival game like Fatal Frame series. It could have been made better by including a "ghost" that will chase after the group in the rooms with keys in zombie speed and the group have to find the keys before the "ghost" touches you (this idea was taken from Fatal Frame)
Of course there are some humourous part like the gut-massaging zombie. When my group entered the room, the first thing I said was "So, doctors, do you concur that this person is dead" as this scene in "Catch me if you can" just flashed into my mind.

Next, I rushed all the way from the west to the east, downtown east for Theory-G 1st anniversary. I had ate a lot of stuffs there but I still like my toasted mashmallow, sticky and soft to the core. Sadly an incident happened before we started barbequing. Due to some unknown reasons(I arrivied late and the guys were already starting the fire), the pit kind of exploded and some emoing happened.....
After we got ourselves a new pit, things started to get better. Well, as Sel said, beer is a guy's reason and solution for problems. Toast away....
Luckly things didn't get ugly, fun still lingers........ XD

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