Sunday, 9 September 2007
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After so long, I guess its time for some self-reflection and decide my current direction of life. I think this will be the second or the third official entry as for the past few months I had been blogging nothing but events, anime and manga.

To start things off, I'll reflect on the most recent and impactful encounters I had been through in this period of time.
BBoying - Breakdancing
Since some incident that happened in Theory-G way back when, I had been feeling rifts forming between this particular interest. Initialy, I thought the members are drifting apart. Erin "threatened" to leave as Munky's always jealous of him. Erin had cold war with Dudefreak as he was not "commited enough". I cannot blame him, bboying is part of him. I guessed it was because that he entered this "trascendent" stage that he excel in all the moves and stlyes. He want all of us to reach that stage, "it's for our own good"...
Now, more clearer than before, I've realised that the rift was formed between Theory-G and me. Its like I do not feel any sense of belonging with Theory-G, BBoying I would say.
Unlike the whole crew, I admit and never denied that I lack the "drive" or in common terms, enthusiasm. I had never treat bboying as a life, but a source of de-stress.
I had sourced out a bboy website - , and introduced to the crew. Yet I rarely or never visited that site since god knows when. Now, with the crew expanding in numbers and strength, I will just be a burden if I continue to be part of the crew. Guess the only way will be me leaving the crew which I had intended to do so long time ago, even though I was one of the old crew member.

However, it is not like I have given up on dance fully. After trying out so many types of dance, normal mass dance still suit me. I remembered that during secondary 3, I was ill-informed of the practice sessions for "Teachers' Day" performance item by the student council, knowing it only the day before the event. With one day of intensive practise, I managed to pull it off, with Mei Qing as my partner(although it's like years ago, I still like to thank her for her guidance and leadership during my days as a student councillor).
I mean that dances that are choreographed for the sake of dancing are more of my type of tea. Dances created to bring honour, glory, respect and fame to the dancer are not my type. Take the Lucky Star anime opening dance for example, fans out there are trying their best to dance the routine not because they want to be the best Lucky Star dancer, but they just want to have fun. I'm like that, all out for fun. Next week, I'll be tackling the renown Hare Hare Yukai mass dance with my JGC friends.

Next will be my studies. Getting into director's list so that I can get diploma with merits is impossible now, let alone getting into local university. This problem, I will leave it after NS to ponder through. Now, I just need to do my limit and with no regrets.

Lastly, I will end this refelction with the phrases - Cosplay For Life, Haruhiism FTW!!!

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